Friday, May 20, 2005

Government Beach Statement ‘inadequate’ says Opposition

The Opposition has said it considers that the Government response to the GSLP/Liberals statement on inadequate beach facilities does not address the central issue.

“Their comments will provide scant consolation to the many beachgoers who have taken advantage of the hot weather to go to the beach in Gibraltar,” said the Oppositon.

When the Opposition raised this matter in the House of Assembly, the explanation given by the Government was that they had analysed the use of the beaches and concluded that it was not “until the half-day leave of school starts and until the end of the bathing season that people tend to go to the beach so targeting the majority of people the bathing season is quite adequate.”

The central point made by the Opposition was that there have been large numbers of people at the beaches on weekends with hot weather.

“This is proof that, contrary to what the Government said, the present facilities are far from ‘adequate’,” said the spokesman.

“Moreover, it is clear that the basis for Government policy in this matter was dictated by the use of the beaches by the general public and not by what had happened in 1996, 1988 or 1704.”

The Opposition say that given that the public are making increased use of the beaches before the official bathing season starts, the Government “should stop raising red herrings and accept that their original analysis was flawed. Anyone who makes regular use of our beaches would know this.”


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