Thursday, May 12, 2005

Gibraltar would welcome Junta in Comision Mixta

Talks with Spain

In a move to clarify the current state of play on talks and to remind people that formal dialogue with Spain currently takes place under two distinct and separate processes No 6 Convent Place yesterday issued a statement responding to recent commentary in the Spanish Press.

Government highlights that the first process is the Comisión Mixta de Colaboración, which was established between the Gibraltar Government and the Mancomunidad de Municipios del Campo de Gibraltar, relates to cross border dialogue.

A spokesman said that although this was established between Government of Gibraltar and the Mancomunidad, the Gibraltar Government would welcome the participation in that Comisión Mixta by the Junta de Andalucia.

“Although this matter has not been formally considered or agreed by the Comisión, the Gibraltar Government would certainly support it and agree to it if it is proposed,” he said.

The second, distinct process of dialogue is the Tripartite Forum which is between the Governments of Spain, Gibraltar and the United Kingdom Government.

“The Agreement establishing it does not envisage the addition of any further parties.

No date or venue for the next meeting of the Trilateral Process has yet been fixed.

The three parties are presently considering the possibility of a meeting in late May.

In the meantime, and contrary to some reports, the work of the Trilateral Process has not been suspended during the UK elections. Work has continued in relation to telephones and the Airport,” said No 6.


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