Thursday, May 05, 2005

Gibraltar at high level maritime conference

Gibraltar will be represented at the 13th High Level Conference of the Alliance of Maritime Regional Interests in Europe [AMRIE], which takes place in Malta next week and will focus primarily on the Mediterranean region.

Richard Garcia, chief executive at the Ministry for Trade and Industry, will attend the three-day conference and chair a session on maritime security and safety.

Ports in the Mediterranean basin are playing an increasingly important role in Europe’s trade with booming Asian economies, particularly China, and this year’s conference will explore the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Alongside economic, political and social issues, the programme also includes a session on maritime security to be chaired by Mr Garcia.

Titled “The Mediterranean: A Safe and Secure Maritime Gateway”, the session will analyse the present security climate in the region and consider practical issues stemming from the implementation of new security regulations.

AMRIE, which brings together government and industry officials from across Europe, was founded in 1993 with the aim of coordinating maritime strategies and policies in the region.


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