Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Gibraltar, 300 years

Gibraltar 300 Years is a collective work, published by the University of Cadiz conceived on the basis of looking ahead realistically towards the future of Gibraltar.

The book considers Gibraltar as a “symbol and inexhaustible source of problems and cooperation, evocative of profound feelings, whose perspectives of solution are opened and reframed continuously (negotiations on co-sovereignty in 2001-2002, new tripartite forum of dialogue from 2004)”.

This book contains contributions written in Spanish and in English. The Editors of the book are Alejandro del Valle, Professor (Catedrático) of International Law and European Commission Chair on EU Law, and Inmaculada González, Assistant Lecturer of International Law, both of them from the Cadiz University.

They explain that the aim of the publication is to offer a wide set of approaches concerning the Gibraltar issue, through a free-opinion academic approach.

The Book is mainly the fruit of the Courses organized jointly by the University of Cadiz and the Ayuntamiento of San Roque, in 2002 editions (Gibraltar - approaching the end of the controversy?), of 2003 (The Transborder relations between Gibraltar and the Campo), and of 2004 (Gibraltar, 300 years: presents and futures).

The book offers different analyses and points of view from the best Spanish academics and specialists of the subject of Gibraltar, as well as of the main actors and representatives of Gibraltar and the Campo.

The collective work includes the newness to offer the Gibraltarian perspective (Caruana, Montegriffo, Bossano, Seruya, Searle, Triay, Golt). The book contains studies and analysis of the great questions that turn around the controversy, the sovereignty, the status of Gibraltar, the neighbourly relations and the crossborder cooperation.

A final part gathers main texts, documents and maps on Gibraltar.


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