Saturday, May 07, 2005

Garcia congratulates Kennedy

UK elections 2005

Gibraltar Liberal Party leader Joseph Garcia has sent a message of congratulations to the Leader of the British Liberal Democrat Party Charles Kennedy following their improved general election performance on Thursday. At the last count the Lib-Dems had achieved about 23% of the vote and over 60 seats, which are record highs.

Dr Garcia said he would be sending individual briefing papers on Gibraltar to every Lib-Dem MP that had been elected, as he has done in the past. According to local Liberals “it is significant to note that in a proportional representation set-up this level of popular support would have been reflected in about 148 seats.”

Dr Garcia praised “the sensible and responsible way in which the Lib-Dem campaign had been conducted,” arguing that the stand taken on principle in relation to the Iraq War had “obviously struck a chord with voters.”

Dr Garcia said:

“We are very pleased that good friends of Gibraltar in the party have successfully defended their seats. These include Simon Hughes who successfully held on to Southwark North and Bermondsey, as well as Defence Spokesman Paul Keetch who has held on to his Hereford seat.

Mr Keetch was in Gibraltar only a few weeks ago following the announcement of defence cuts locally.

Other friends like Colin Breed, David Heath, Bob Russell, Phil Willis and Mike Hancock were all re-elected.”


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