Thursday, May 05, 2005

Funicular Proposal fails at first stage

DPC meeting - Final decision still for Government to take - Holliday

21st Century Rock, the developers in the controversial Gibraltar funicular project yesterday failed to get over their first hurdle towards making the project a reality.

But Joe Holliday DTI Minister last night made clear that this did not mean the issue is closed. Mr Holliday pointed out that the ultimate decision still lies with the Government if the company decides to resubmit an amended proposal.

"Ultimately Government has to take the final decision," said Mr Holliday who emphasised that the project had failed on this occasion because of its present format.

The Development and Planning Commission is preparing a written response to the developer as to why it has not granted outline planning permission.

No details have emerged as to the specific points on which the submission failed but it is understood that the Commission was not satisfied on several areas including some areas of impact on heritage and environment. Another area that it is believed would need resubmission relates to safety aspects.

Although the Government can save the project if it were resubmitted and certain criteria are met, the decision will be welcomed by the heritage and environmental groups as well as rival businesses who have been running a united campaign against the funicular.

The decision came after a meeting lasting several hours yesterday afternoon.

The main options left to the developers are either to appeal the DPC decision, review their application and resubmit or call it a day.

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