Friday, May 27, 2005

Former Mancomunidad Chief demands solution to Spanish

Landero attacks Caruana

The results of the tripartite forum for cross-border dialogue have been wholly negative, that is the opinion expressed by Jose Luis Landero, a former president of the Campo Mancomunidad and member of the Partido Popular.

In a statement to the press yesterday, Sr Landero declared that “until there is a change of attitude from Caruana as regards the Spanish pensions problem”, the Mancomunidad should call for the tripartite forum and the Mancomunidad’s own Comision Mixta “to cease all activities.”

Sr Landero also called on the present incumbent Juan Montedeoca to explain what the role of the forum and the Mancomunidad has been in this “delicate” affair. The former president said:

“In relation to the Gibraltar issue, in the past year we have been told that there is a solution to the historical conflict. There has been criticism of how the matter was handled by the Aznar Government even though there had never been closer relations between the British and Spanish Governments.”

According to Sr Landero, the tripartite forum has not produced any results other than giving Chief Minister Peter Caruana excessive power” and turning him into the “judge and jury” of the case.


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