Tuesday, May 17, 2005

False alarm sends Bomb Squad to Rooke

There was yet another security alert when a forgetful British officer left his bag behind in the Officers’ Mess in Rooke yesterday.

Military personnel and officers from the Gibraltar Services Police had to seal off the site while the bomb disposal unit moved in deploying the robot.

But the situation was resolved after the officer was located and returned to claim his bag.

In an interesting twist, emergency response units from the City Fire Brigade [CFB], including an ambulance, also attended the call.

This was even though the CFB had withdrawn cover from a number of Ministry of Defence sites as part of its ongoing dispute with the Gibraltar Government.

Commander Jock Gordon, commander operations at Headquarters British Forces, later said it was “important to take these sort of incidents seriously.”

The latest alert came just six days after last week’s security breach at the King’s Chapel, which itself coincided with a bomb scare at the Royal Bank of Scotland.


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