Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Court date set in Newspaper case

Clive Golt, former GBC (Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation) News Editor and current Editor of the New People, is appealing to the Supreme Court with a date set for a judgement on his constitutional rights as a journalist.

Mr Golt claims the Chief Minister Peter Caruana is denying him his right to exercise his chosen profession by denying him direct access to Government information, banning him from press conferences and ensuring his newspaper does not receive official Government advertising, in line with all other publications, including Spanish media.

Mr Golt argues he is the sole owner of the New People and exercises full editorial control despite arguments by the GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) Government that it is the organ of the GSLP (Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party) “which are not based on any facts, but political expediency”. Mr Golt says he has never received any subsidy or salary from the Opposition party, although he generally supports its policies, “especially on decolonisation and self-determination”.

Mr Golt says that despite obtaining a favourable report after taking his case to the Ombudsman, Clive Golt says he has been unable to persuade the Chief Minister to give him equal treatment in line with other local media. He adds that attempts by numerous colleagues in Gibraltar, the United Kingdom and Spain to convince the Chief Minister to change his mind have also been unsuccessful in getting Mr Caruana to lift his ban.

The matter is set go before the Supreme Court on 26th September and Mr Golt will be represented by Counsel from the United Kingdom.


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