Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Caruana welcomes Spanish Frontier improvements plan

Trilateral dialogue forum

Chief Minister Peter Caruana has welcomed the announcement by the Spanish Government that it intends to modernise facilities at the frontier to improve traffic flow.

In a statement issued yesterday a Gibraltar Government spokesman said this was an initiative that was the result of the process of cross-border dialogue.

Meanwhile Convent Place says it looks forward to the setting up of red and green channels on the Spanish side of the border and a possible double entry lane into the Rock.

Mr Caruana said:

"Both sides will obviously want to carry out the appropriate proper customs and immigration control functions, but these initiatives which arise from the Trilateral Dialogue Forum will ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in crossing the border."

Highlighting the development a Gibraltar Government spokesman said:

"We welcome the Spanish Government's decision, following a high level interdepartmental meeting, to upgrade the infrastructure on the Spanish side of the frontier and to make operational changes to improve fluidity and reduce delays.

This welcome development follows discussion of this issue at the Trilateral Dialogue Forum meeting held in Malaga in February. It will be especially welcome if the new arrangements include a system of red and green channels.

For its part the Gibraltar Government will carry out whatever infrastructure works and procedural improvements may be necessary on our side to maximise fluidity into Gibraltar, including preparing for possible double lane on entry."


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