Saturday, May 14, 2005

Caruana vows to stay on

Chief Minister Peter Caruana promises to stay on and lead GSD in the next General Election
Chief Minister Peter Caruana has confirmed that he will be leading the Gibraltar Social Democrats into the next general election in the hope of achieving a fourth consecutive term of office.

Mr Caruana was responding to Chronicle questions following last week’s opinion poll in Panorama which, for the first time since the GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) election triumph in 1996, gave the GSLP/Libs Opposition a 4.6 point lead (48.7% to 44.1%) over his party.

Mr Caruana’s confirmation will quell speculation that he was considering stepping down during this term of office to hand over the leadership of the party to a successor.

Although the opinion poll has been seen as a disappointment for the ruling party which has seen its share of the vote drop from 58% to 51% in the last two elections with a further 7% drop predicted by the Panorama poll, GSD activists see this as ‘mid-term blues’ that the party is capable of overturning before the next elections.


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