Wednesday, May 11, 2005

“Better late than never,” says Douissi

MCA react to Sasri interview - Moroccan Community Association has warmly congratulated remarks by M Sasri, the leader of the rival Moroccan association MWA, “for his robust stand in favour of increased rights for long-term non-EU workers on the Rock.”

Meanwhile according to Moroccan workers, the move is seen as potentially healing the long-standing rift in Gibraltar between the leaders of the two rival factions M Sasri (Moroccan Workers Association) and Abdul Ratali (MCA).

In a statement issued yesterday MCA vice-president Ali Douissi said that while acknowledging the MWA stand, they also note it has taken them “several years to come round to the point of view we have always held.” Ali Douissi said:

“We genuinely welcome the new MWA stance as better late than never, and offer our co-operation in pursuing the common goals of justice and fairness for Moroccans and other longstanding workers in Gibraltar.

We accept the new stance by the MWA at face value and do not share the view held by some cynics that it has anything to do with the forthcoming internal elections of the Moroccan Workers Association.”

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