Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bail for men charged in Rosia Bay assault

A man was given bail with restrictions on his movements after an incident this weekend at Rosia Bay in which it is being alleged he urged his pitbull to attack a man who, according to the police charge, he had himself just assaulted with a kitchen knife.

Cain Parody of 5 Willow Lodge, Montagu Gardens, faces charges of on May 15 2005, without reasonable excuse, being in possession of a kitchen knife, being an offensive weapon, and in relation to the same date the charges, also assaulting Luis Benitez occasioning actual bodily harm; urging his dog to attack Luis Benitez; throwing a rock to the danger of persons.

Meanwhile, in relation to the same incident, a second man Kieran Nathan Wells, 17 Eliott House, Laguna, is charged with throwing a rock to the danger of persons, unlawfully assaulting Mario Balban and behaving in a manner where a breach of the peace was occasioned.

Mr Parody, who is represented by Maurice Turnock, was granted bail in the sum of £500 on his own recognizance and told by Magistrates that he is not to approach within 20 metres of the complainant either directly or indirectly through a third party. He is not to approach within 20 metres of the complainant’s address.

Mr Wells, represented by David Hughes, if on £500 bail. Both are due in court July 6.


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