Thursday, May 19, 2005

30% increase in MoD spending in Gibraltar

MOD spending on maintenance and upgrading of their facilities in Gibraltar has increased by 30% in 2004/2005 compared with the previous year, the MoD said yesterday.

A spokesman said that a significant part of this increase will have been seen by Gibraltar companies working on the MOD estate.

MOD spending for Gibraltar on maintenance was £11 million last year compared with just over £8 million for each of the 2 previous years.

MOD has confirmed that their budget for next year remains at the same high level and say this shows a continuing commitment to maintain and improve their facilities on the Rock.

“Given the significant level of operational output expected of us now and in the future, Chief of Joint Operations agreed a large increase in facilities management funding for last year. That level will be maintained this year and for the foreseeable future” said Command Secretary, Phil Mallion. This increase in budget is in addition to the new hospital build on Devil’s Tower Camp announced last week.


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