Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Unions declare a united front on MoD Contractorisation

Gibraltar and UK unions have agreed a common strategy to oppose the MoD’s proposed contractorisation plan, a TGWU spokesman said yesterday.

The spokesman said:

“A delegation headed by the TGWU/ACTS District Officer Luis Montiel, Charles Sisarello Branch Officer, Victor Ochello MoD Convenor, John Cabezutto ACTS Chairman and Prospect Branch Secretary Michael Tampin attended meetings in London as part of our struggle to get the MoD position on contractorisation reversed.

On Wednesday we held a meeting with the UK parent unions where Peter Allenson TGWU national officer and Freeda Betts from Prospect were present. In the same, UK unions supported the stand taken by the Unions at a local level. We agreed a strategy and to work closely on the matter.

On Thursday the TGWU/ACTS delegation only met with UK general secretary Jack Dromey who for many years led the union on MoD matters, and has vast experience on these issues, apart from maintaining excellent links with the Labour Party. His advice was very interesting and will be taken on board by the Unions. Later that day we met together with the UK officials in a ‘without prejudice’ meeting with a delegation of the UK MoD where our anger and concern over the MoD policy was transmitted in no uncertain terms to those present. We reiterated our position that we will be opposing their contractorisation plans at all levels – legally, politically and through industrial unrest.

We have established the need to arrange a meeting through our UK office with the Secretary of State Geoff Hoon where we will be given the opportunity to put our case forward.”


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