Saturday, April 02, 2005

Tension build-up in MoD Union confrontation

Base contractorisation row

TGWU/ACTS and Prospect Union have urged the Ministry of Defence to recognise the need to engage in a proper process of discussions with the Unions “in accordance with statutory and other obligations.”

In a statement issued yesterday they announce further talks with the MoD in London on April 14th, while criticising what they describe as “the MOD’s latest attempt to by-pass genuine consultation” with the issue of ISP documents directly to workers.

This information is contained in a bulletin jointly issued by TGWU/ACTS and Prospect to update their members on developments in relation to the MOD contractorisation proposals. A trade union spokesman said:

“Notwithstanding a letter from our lawyers giving MOD a deadline to reply by 31st March, the MOD have failed to give the Unions any of the assurances sought or a satisfactory reply to the issues raised. We have once again consulted our lawyers and have instructed them to file the necessary applications in Court to seek Orders to ensure that MOD engage in a genuine process of information and consultation that is not pre-determined.”

“We will also be holding a meeting in London on the 14th April with senior MOD personnel to seek the necessary assurances to deliver proper information and consultation and to withdraw this pre-conceived package of measures. If the Unions do not obtain the required assurances at that meeting we will instruct our lawyers (Hassans and Attias & Levy) to proceed with the Applications that will be filed in Court.”

“We strongly refute the MOD’s latest attempt to by-pass genuine consultation by seeking to issue documents directly to our members when the MOD are well aware that we hold the negotiating rights for these members. Incidentally 95% of employees have returned the ISP information booklet to the Command as a sign of protest at this attempt by MOD which is simply a further breach of their obligations to the Unions as representatives of these members.”

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