Thursday, April 21, 2005

TAXI close to the Top Ten with new Album

GBC ban controversy continues

TAXI, the Gibraltar group newly launched in the Spanish market is moving up fast in the Spanish charts 40 Principales.

This week Dylan, Daniel and Danny find themselves sitting comfortably at number 11 with their album "Libre" – with the latest predictions seeing them further up the charts next week.

This week they have been promoting the album up the coast and were caught in action at FNAC in La Canada where many of their fans turned up for the boys to sign their copies and to hear them perform their new songs live with an acoustic sound.

Never mind the B******* says Music Society

The Gibraltar Live Music Society has sent a message of support to the members of Taxi following the censorship of one of their songs by the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation.

“We totally disagree with the ban due to a single expletive in an otherwise perfectly inoffensive song which among other things encourages the use of the seat belt when driving."

"We find it an embarrassment that Taxi have been driven to say that their song has been banned in their own land on the Spanish media,” said the Society adding that it also found the ban inconsistent with GBC’s treatment of other songs and other broadcasts in general, where “similar and worse language suffers no censorship”.

“We think the measures are totally unrealistic. If nothing else this shows a worrying detachment on the part of the decision makers at GBC from their client, the tax payer. We do not feel GBC can afford to do without some of the best entertainment Gibraltar produces,” said the Society.

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