Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tall Ships sail out of conflict

Young sailors from all corners of the globe will benefit from £235,000 worth of funds transferred from Tall Ships International to Tall Ship’s Youth Trust, the UK Charity Commission has announced.

The youth trust brings together young people often from countries in the midst of conflict to train as sailors on a tall ships sailing adventure.

Tall Ships Youth Trust’s voyages have a history of uniting people. Recent journeys have included Greek and Turkish Cypriots, Jews and Palestinians on special voyages of understanding. The Trust’s brigs, Prince William and Stavros S Niarchos, sail around the UK, Europe and the Carribean, encouraging young people from the countries they visit to experience a voyage.

This year young people from Barbados, Azores, Canaries, Greece, Eire and Gibraltar will experience a Tall Ships adventure. The Stavros is due to arrive in Gibraltar in a fortnight.

Chris Law, Chief Executive of the Tall Ships Youth Trust, said:

“Working with young people from all over the world, the Trust is delighted to be responsible for allocating this money. It will be used to provide bursaries for young people through the training vessels. We have seen first hand how working together on tall ships breaks down barriers and develops cultural awareness. There is no better way to make life-long international friends.”

"We are thrilled to help support a charity like this uniting people and promoting understanding between different cultures. It is exciting to see people from war-torn countries come together through a universal activity. We wish Tall Ships Youth Trust every success in the future and hope it continues to run these adventures,” said Andrew Hind, Chief Executive at the Charity Commission.

Tall Ships International sold its concerns to Tall Ships Races Ltd. It was left with assets worth £235,000. The Commission supported a plan that would transfer those funds to the Tall Ships Youth Trust.


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