Saturday, April 30, 2005

Shadow of MoD threat looms

Chief Minister’s May Day message

The Chief Minister, Peter Caruana has issued a May Day message ahead of tomorrow’s celebration of Worker’s Day in which he highlights the threat to Gibraltar from the MoD cuts. The messages states:

“On behalf of the Government I wish all workers in Gibraltar, but especially the Government’s employees, a happy May day.

This year, May Day is commemorated in the shadow of the threat to MOD employees posed by its unacceptable privatisation plans.

The Government and TGWU/ACTS and Prospect are working together to avoid as much as possible of the consequences of MOD’s plans. We are working together with friends in the UK, to persuade the MOD to engage the Unions in a negotiation to deliver savings in an agreed manner. This campaign is important both to the workers involved and to the economy of Gibraltar as a whole.

The Government much values, as I hope do the unions, the good and constructive working relations that exist between the Government and the Unions. This does not mean that each side does not fight its corner, or that there are not issues and occasions which lead to dispute, but it does mean that the Government and the Unions are able to work together to deliver many benefits for many workers in Gibraltar.

I am proud of our record of achievement of improvement of workers’ rights in Gibraltar. Very significant steps have been taken and very significant advancements have been achieved.

The Government will certainly continue to work in this direction.

Happy May Day.”


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