Friday, April 29, 2005

Royal Gibraltar Regiment celebrates Regimental Day

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment was in a festive mood as they celebrated their Regiment Day.

“A day to forget our differences and jointly celebrate what we are about,” Commanding Officer Mark Randall told the members of his Regiment at Devil’s Tower Camp.

“It is a day for each and every one of us to reflect on what we have done, achieved and learned over the past year and how we can move on and make the Regiment a better place.

Today is about the Regiment and the Regiment is about soldiering.

Keep your professional pride and never let your standards drop for you represent the best Regiment in the British Army,” he stressed.

Getting together for a photograph, the CO, said the Regiment had to meet the challenges of the future together and stay in touch with the times and developments.

“We are expanding and spreading ourselves to every area of the British Army and within the Gibraltar Command. We must believe in ourselves and what we are capable of achieving,” he added.

Meanwhile as the celebrations continued yesterday, some officers of the regiment were presented with medals for Long Service and Good Conduct and awards.

The medals were presented to:

Sgt Kenneth Alvarez received the Long service and Good Conduct Medal.
CSgt Bernard Graffione received the Service Medal of the Order of St John.

Commanding Officer Certificates were presented to:

CSgt Ian Martinez, CSgt Raymond Grech, CSgt Francis Mauro, Sgt Kieron Alvarez, Sgt Adam Wink, Cpl Mark Crisp, Cpl Anthony Butron, LCpl Aaron Smith, LCpl Rebecca Moritz, Pte Benjamin Sanguinetti, Drummer Brian Buckley.

Regimental Sports Colours were presented to:

WO2 Stuart Bensadon for Rowing, W02 Kenneth Fortunato for Fishing, Cpl Peter Conroy for Judo, LCpl Ethaniel Mor for Judo and Pte Michael Sanchez for Running.

Freedom Of City

In 1971 HM The Queen approved the granting of the first ever Colours to the Regiment. The Colours were presented on the 25th September 1971 and on that same day the Regiment was also granted the Freedom of the City of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Defence Force

The Gibraltar Defence Force was an integral part of the Garrison defending the Rock during the Second World War. It saw action against Italian and Vichy French aircraft on numerous occasions, shooting down its first enemy aircraft in August 1940.


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