Friday, April 01, 2005

Residents still unhappy with “stressful” noise levels

Ocean Village disagreement

Marina Court Management committee has reiterated its fundamental criticism regarding the “stressful” noise levels from the Ocean Village development, in response to a statement from the promoters defending their case.

Speaking to the Chronicle yesterday, spokesman for the residents Paul Victor said that they live in the real world and understand that a work site will have some noise and dust during the day.

“However,” said Mr Victor, “when they start work before most people are even awake and finish after most children are supposed to be in bed, it does make life somewhat more stressful for all concerned.” Mr Victor continued:

“We refer to your article on the Ocean Village Project. The Management Committee take objection to the statements made by the developers of Ocean Village with regards to works not being undertaken on Easter Monday. It was not this bank holiday that was in question but the previous Commonwealth Day bank holiday. Therefore the rebuttal by Ocean Village that no noise or disturbance has been caused on a bank holiday is somewhat disingenuous by the developers since they issued residents with their usual propaganda apologising for their “mistake”! In fact the workforce carried on working during the bank holiday even after residents pointed out to the site management that it was a public holiday!”

“We wonder whether they will also admit to the fact that their workforce commences work on most mornings well before the 8.00am deadline, or that they have left noisy machinery (pumps) on all night thus preventing young children getting a decent night’s sleep.”

“Residents at Marina Court do not object to the Ocean Village Project. In fact we welcome the benefits which will accrue from this and have continually worked with the developers. However, we feel somewhat betrayed by the developers since they promised, prior to the commencement of works, that these would be undertaken with the upmost care and sensitivity to ensure the minimal disturbance.”


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