Thursday, April 28, 2005

‘A Reflection of loyalty and commitment to the Royal Gibraltar Police’

by Alice Mascarenhas

Royal Gibraltar Police Medal Awards

As the 175th anniversary of the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) draws nearer, a ceremony celebrating the work and long years of service of 19 of its officers was held yesterday at New Mole House Police Headquarters. 19 serving and retired officers of the Royal Gibraltar Police were presented with Long Service and Good Conduct medals, the Most Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem medals and Certificates of Commendation, by Governor Sir Francis Richards.

Addressing the officers, their families and guests Sir Francis commented how changes in policing were stretching police resources more than ever, making such ceremonial occasions unusually important.

“You not only have your traditional task of making this community feel safe and be safe but on top of that the new priorities of counter-terrorism, the war against financial crime, and the resources are stretched pretty thin,” he said, emphasising how such an award ceremony was a time to reflect on how much the Force depends on the experience of its long serving members and the policing skills they would have developed over the years.

Sir Francis said he hoped that the young police men and women joining the Force today would show the same dedication and loyalty over the same period of time – “you are certainly a fine example to them all.”

In his own address, and in making reference to the importance of the 175th anniversary, Commissioner of Police, Joe Ullger told the men and women that the day was to celebrate their excellence and impeccable service. A commendable achievement, he said, with the awards being a reflection of the officers loyalty and commitment to the Royal Gibraltar Police throughout the years.

Mr Ullger, said “as Police Officers, you have an important role to play in our community and many tasks to perform. Sometimes it is difficult to draw a balance between robust enforcement and maintaining good public relations. Our purpose is to withhold the law fairly and firmly and reassure the community in Gibraltar. I think the balance is just right and I commend you for performing such difficult tasks.”

Mr Ullger spoke of the association and close links which exists between the RGP and St John. The good working relationship he added which continues to be maintained. Present at the ceremony were members of St John.

Medals and Commendations

Colonial Police Long Service Medal 1st Clasp : PC 39 Michael Duran (Retired) and PC 69 Manuel Martinez.
Colonial Police Long Service Medal: Superintendent Richard Bosano, Inspector Frank Barton, PS 8 James Sawyer, DS 14 Ian Howes, PC 54 Adrian Marsh, PC 114 Stephen Correa, PC 137 David Bonfiglio.
St John Ambulance Service Medal: Chief Inspector James Rodríguez, Inspector Harry Parody, PC 79 Charles Huart (Retired), PC 108 David Punton (Retired), PC 132 Albert Attias, PC 151 Brian Slattery, PC 169 Susan Darlington-Taylor, PC 176 Rose Parody.
Chief Justice Commendation: PC 53 Melvin Brier.
Commissioner of Police Commendation: DC 87 Edgar Lopez.
Deputy Commissioner of Police Commendation: PC 123 Stephen Riley.


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