Saturday, April 23, 2005

Prison for Local man on drug charges

A local man has been sentenced to two years imprisonment, with a 12 month suspended sentence on one of the years, after pleading guilty in the Supreme Court to charges of possession and possession with intent to supply 7.36 grams of cocaine, an RGP spokesman said yesterday.

The case was sentenced on Thursday. The police spokesman said:

“John Charles Gaiviso 45, of 14 Keightley House had been arrested on April 29th 2004 when RGP (Royal Gibraltar Police) Drug Squad officers intercepted him and found him in possession of 2.55 grams of cocaine. Subsequently a search warrant executed at an address where he was staying at the time, revealed a further amount of 4.81 grams of the drug. A small amount of cannabis resin was also seized at the residence.”


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