Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Picardo to pursue TEP Plan issue

Shadow Minister for Financial Services Fabian Picardo will once again press the Government on the TEPs issue at the meeting of the House of Assembly which opens on Thursday.

Mr Picardo says he will ask the Government whether it can now state what answers it has provided to the Committee of the TEP Plan Association and/or their solicitors in respect of their request for assistance in pursuit of the claims of these parties and what action the Government is taking or has taken, if any, in pursuance of the said issues.

Also as Financial Services spokesman, Mr Picardo has tabled a number of questions on the Government’s tax reform proposals. He will push the Government to now agree to provide the Opposition with the details of the tax reform proposals it submitted to the EU Commission and which the latter rejected.

He will also want the Government to state how many tax exempt companies are presently awaiting the grant of exempt status dependent on the maximum number allowed under the new arrangements required by the EU Commission as part of its state aid investigation.

Additionally, Mr Picardo will also question the Government on what action it is planning to take to ensure that a product to replace the exempt company status is in place before 30 June 2006, the date by which, under the new arrangements with the EU, it will no longer be possible to provide new exempt status certificates.

In his capacity as Employment spokesman, Mr Picardo will ask Government whether it is satisfied that Gibraltarians are not being discriminated against by Cammell Laird in favour of cheaper labour given the trend that of the number of casual workers employed by Cammell Laird, the number of Gibraltarians usually amounts to less than half.

Also on the subject of Cammell Laird, but this time from an environmental angle, Mr Picardo will ask what course of action the Government is taking to ensure that the grit mountain in the area of Cammell Laird is not causing environmental pollution to residents in the area of the south district.

Mr Picardo will also ask the Government when they will be publishing and circulating information on what procedures citizens should follow in the event of an environmental emergency.

On a number of general matters, Mr Picardo will ask what is the Government’s policy on the use by Ministers’ of “Executive Club” miles accumulated by them when flying on Government business with British Airways.

He has also tabled a question in order to find out whether the Government has made any progress in respect of its consideration of the possibility of implementation of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

Mr Picardo asks Government to state whether it allows any civil servants to stay in employment over the age of 60.

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