Monday, April 25, 2005

PC (Tito) Garcia retires

PC Tito Garcia of the Gibraltar Services Police will be retiring this month after 23 years of meritorious service, a spokesman for the MoD said yesterday.

Tito joined the Gibraltar Services Police on the 28th September 1981 after serving in the Gibraltar Defence Force (now 1RGR) and HMS Calpe. He left for UK and joined the Royal Artillery, spending six and a half years and attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant. The GSP have wished Tito a long and happy retirement.

The MoD spokesman said:

“Tito was appointed Community Liaison Officer in 1998. He attended a CLO course at the Ministry of Defence Police Headquarters in Wethersfield. Ever popular with the pupils at St. Christopher’s School, he introduced a Cycling Proficiency Programme that ran as part of the summer activities and also gave lectures on Stranger Danger. Of course, these were delivered Tito’s way!

An avid committee member of the Law Enforcement Torch Run (Special Olympics), Tito has always worked tremendously hard.

On March 1st 2002, Tito was awarded the Governor’s Certificate and Badge of Honour for contribution to the Community, a medal (amongst many) he proudly displays whenever he has the opportunity to do so.

During his spare time, Tito maintains a great passion for Military Regalia and has an extensive collection of Military memorabilia he has often displayed publicly with the proceeds awarded to local charities.

Tito is probably better known for his role as Community Liaison Officer to the Services Community in Gibraltar. Tito is the archetypal example of a dynamic and energetic individual whose main virtue is his kindness and great sense of humour. He has carried out his job enthusiastically over the years to establish himself as worthy of being called a true friend by everyone who has come into contact with him.”


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