Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Opposition in Double Decker probe

The Opposition yesterday said that a local bus company that imported two double-decker buses some months ago is still unable to operate them because the Transport Commission has not held a meeting to authorise their registration.

“This is unacceptable and deprives the users of the route from enjoying an improved service and at the same time imposes and additional cost on the private company that has made the investment,” said Lucio Randall.

Mr Randall said that the chairman of the Transport Commission is the Minister with responsibility for Transport, Fabian Vinet, whose job it is to encourage improvements in public transport.

“This gives rise to the perception that because the private company is in competition with the Gibraltar Bus Company, which is wholly owned by the Government, there is a conflict of interest which does not provide a level playing field", he said adding that Mr Vinet has the duty to consider the question of the register of these new buses without further delay. “I call on him to do so.”


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