Friday, April 22, 2005

A new era in Environmental Management, says ESG

Air monitoring station

Environmental Safety Group (ESG) has congratulated the Gibraltar Government and the Environmental Agency following the inauguration of the Rock’s modern Air Quality Monitoring.

The ESG see the launch of this facility is a bonus on World Earth Day Week.
An ESG spokesman said:

"Air pollution has been one of the major concerns of the group and has formed an integral part of many of its campaigns over the years.

The setting up of this equipment has been legislated from Europe. We acknowledge installation of a secondary station that is over and above requirements, but especially welcome the additional non-automatic monitoring to be carried out by a series of diffusion tubes collecting hydrocarbons (benzene) and nitrogen oxides among others, in strategically located points around the Rock.

The ESG has often voiced its concerns, both publicly and privately to Government over the pollution hotspot areas around Gibraltar due to commercial/industrial activity/traffic and exposure to fall-out from the refinery and industrial complex.

We welcome the detailed plan for data collection as demonstrated on the website and more importantly, making this information public, another EC requirement.

This marks a new era in environmental management, one that genuinely brings with it a sense of progress.”


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