Friday, April 22, 2005

Morrisons consider bid for Gibraltar Safeway store - Confirmed

Undisclosed local or international companies have made a bid for the Safeway store in Gibraltar, Morrisons have confirmed.

The Chronicle has learned that top management from Morrisons which acquired the Gibraltar store with their purchase of the Safeway group are arriving in Gibraltar today and are expected to meet with DTI Minister Joe Holliday.

Details of the possible sale have not emerged nor have Morrisons said that they have taken any decision. Last night a Morrisons spokesperson said:

“You will be aware that we have been reviewing a number of areas of the Safeway business in the period since the takeover.

We have received a number of unsolicited enquiries from other retailers about the Gibraltar store. The board have decided to market the store to understand the true nature of this interest which may lead to the store being sold.”

He added that staff from the Gibraltar store and the Transport and General Workers Union have been fully briefed about the situation and will be kept informed of any possible sale developments. In the meantime, the store will continue to trade as usual.


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