Wednesday, April 06, 2005

MoD putting out “misinfornation" says Union Alliance

Military base contractorisation row

Local trade unions have reacted to the latest statements by the Ministry of Defence regarding the continuing dispute over the contractorisation plans for the military base.

Speaking to the Chronicle yesterday a spokesman for the union alliance (TGWU/ACTS and Prospect ) said that it was the MoD and not the Unions that was putting out “misinformation” to confuse the membership.

“I believe the MoD are using tactics to try and divide and conquer by turning employees against the unions. We will not allow that to happen,” he said.

Meanwhile the local unions are also denying the statement by the MoD that local unions are not invited to a high powered meeting between senior MoD and UK trade union officials in London.

The MoD said yesterday that the presence of local trade unionists was simply because they had been invited to a meeting on the same day by the UK unions.

The local union spokesman said this was “completely untrue” and declared he had obtained confirmation from the TGWU in London that they were invited to the meeting at Permanent Joint Headquarters. He said:

“Why would the MoD be paying for the Gibraltar trade unions to go to UK if we were not invited to the meeting. If this were a Union briefing it would have been our national unions paying for the visit.”

As regards the MoD’s offer for the Unions to return to the Whitley Process formal negotiations, the local trade union spokesman said that it was the MoD that had abandoned it. He asked why should the Unions accept this process if the MoD “are not themselves willing to use their own process which is an agreed method of conducting negotiations.”


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