Saturday, April 09, 2005

MoD investigate security breach

ETB inspectors access to the base • Military chiefs face £1,500 fine

Ministry of Defence is investigating a security breach in relation to the reportedly unauthorised access obtained by ETB (Employment & Training Board) inspectors into a company operating within the military base on Wednesday.

Inspectors had been called to look into alleged breaches of worker registration rules and car insurance at sub-contractor Barloworld, a company that is currently being blacked by the TGWU.

It is understood the company had its contract rescinded by the MoD and was now trying to set itself up in the private sector. It is understood the MoD face the possibility of a £1,500 fine.

Speaking to the Chronicle an MoD spokesman confirmed the launch of an investigation into the security breach but stated that it is within the right of labour inspectors to perform such functions as they did at the company.

Union Visit UK

Meanwhile TGWU Branch Officer Charlie Sisarello has declared that the TGWU/ACTS / Prospect Union delegation that will be joining UK trade unions for talks with senior MoD officials in London on April 14th has two clearly defined aims.

“We want to start a true negotiating process which is not already constrained by a fait accompli, start from zero and work on the basis of the in-house option,” said Mr Sisarello. He reiterated that they are going through the legal process and seeking an injunction to ensure there is consultation by the MoD.

The Union delegation will be led by TGWU District Officer Luis Montiel, Mr Sisarello, and also include Victor Ochello, Johnny Cabezutto and Prospect leader Michael Tampin.


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