Friday, April 08, 2005

Los Barrios Process takes first steps on Port and Tourism co-operation

Gibraltar and Algeciras port authorities are to meet to discuss issues of co-operation between the ports of Gibraltar and Algeciras, co-ordination in areas of pollution prevention and marine environmental matters and relations between both ports.

The meeting will take place in Algeciras next month.

The decision was taken yesterday as Joe Holliday, DTI Minister, and Juan Montedeoca President of the Mancomunidad de Municipios met at the DTI offices in Europort.

The meeting, under the ‘Los Barrios process’ was also attended by the Paolo Moreno and Mancomunidad and DTI officials and addressed issues of tourism, the port and trade.

“I believe we made significant progress in areas which can benefit both Gibraltar and the Spanish hinterland especially in the area of shipping. Mutual co-operation here can bring substantial benefits for both sides,” said Mr Holliday.

A subcommittee on tourism was appointed, which will report back by mid-May 2005, on the marketing of joint tourism opportunities together with budget proposals for this.

Minister Holliday offered the Mancomunidad a table at the tourism workshops that the Gibraltar Tourist Board will be holding at Madrid and Barcelona, to allow the Mancomunidad to promote its tourist products. The offer was accepted.

A further meeting has been agreed to develop a structure for the provision of information for persons or companies from the Campo Area wishing to set up business in Gibraltar or vice-versa, to provide a one-stop shop.


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