Monday, April 04, 2005

Import Duty on alcoholic drinks and Traffic Fees go up

Gibraltar Government is set to increase its revenue base as, import duty on wine and malt liquors go up 5% as from today.

Various traffic charges including road tax are also going up, a Gibraltar Government spokesman has declared.

Meanwhile it has also published a number of regulations introducing increases in the level of licence fees and other departmental charges across a range of services. The increases will cover areas such as the port, employment service, transport and tourism.

A Convent Place spokesman said:

“Import duty on malt liquors and wines have been increased by a supplemental 5% ad valorem duty to bring them into line with spirits. These increases, which take effect as from today, are the result of a wide ranging review of departmental charges, most of which have not been increased during the past ten to fifteen years.”

“The increases which will impact directly on individual consumers relate to increases in road tax (up to £10 per annum for motor vehicles and £5 per annum for motor cycles), motor vehicle registration and roadworthiness charges (mostly up by £10-£25 per annum), airport tax (up by £3) as well as the increase in import duty in malt liquors and wines.”


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