Friday, April 29, 2005

Government tops up 2004/2005 Budget by £8.5 Million

The Government was yesterday passing a bill to appropriate an extra £8.5 million to meet expenditure over the past year.

The reason given is that £750,000 is to fund additional recurrent spending by Government departments as well as £7.3 million to several statutory bodies.

Extra to this is £2.2 million to fund one-off expenditure that includes £1 million for the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) to pay towards the Clinical Governance Review, £750,000 for the Tercente-nary Trust Fund and £440,000 to settle an historic Royal Gibraltar Police claim.

The first two of these had been provided for in last year’s budget but Government wants to reclassify them to distinguish them from recurrent spending.

£600,000 is to pay for “demand led private sector led legal representation and advice. Of the statutory bodies some are forecasting excess expenditure. £3.1m is for the GHA much of it being attributed to GPMS prescriptions, pharmaceuticals, medical tests and relief cover.

The Gibraltar Electricity Authority requires an additional £2.9m because of slow collections, increased spending and higher fuel costs.

£720,000 is for Social Services salaries and relief cover and £580,000 for the Elderly care Agency to finance the doubling of residential places this year.


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