Thursday, April 07, 2005

Government and Union agree on way forward, says Convent Place

Aquagib dispute

AquaGib and the TGWU have now agreed to the way forward proposed by the Chief Minister in his mediation in the dispute between the Company and its staff, according to a Gibraltar Government spokesman.

Further negotiations between management and the Union will take place over the next six months to agree a new pay structure, while retrospection to August 2004 has been accepted by staff without prejudice on either side regarding the original claim for backdated payments to 2002. The spokesman said:

“The immediate dispute relates to the Union’s claim for retrospection to 2002 of a pay settlement agreed in February 2005. However, the underlying dispute relates to whether or not staff are entitled to maintain, year by year, the percentage differential in pay over Government employees which they enjoyed at the time of privatisation in 1991.

The essence of the agreed formula is that:

(1) The Company and the staff will, during the next six months, negotiate a new pay structure for the company that will, once and for all, settle the underlying dispute;

(2) The issue of retrospection backdated to 2002 will be negotiated in the context of the overall negotiation, but, in the meantime the Company will grant, and staff will accept, retrospection of the Feb 2005 settlement from August 2004. This is without prejudice to the position of either side on the issue of retrospection beyond August 2004.

(3) The staff and the Company will, at the same time, negotiate any other aspect or issue of the Company’s operations or staffing arrangements.”


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