Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Gibraltar Diving - A Legal vacuum says Mancomunidad

Diving clubs in the Campo yesterday held a meeting with Mancomunidad president Juan Montedeoca to express concern at the alleged problems that they have been “suffering for some time,” when they come to Gibraltar to practice this sport.

The clubs have called for Sr Montedeoca’s mediation with the local authorities.

According to the Mancomunidad the matter has been raised in the past at Comision Mixta level where the Gibraltar Government has said it intends to draft a specific regulation to cover an existing legal vacuum in this area.

Sr Montedeoca wants divers from the Campo and the rest of Andalusia to be able to carry out their activities in waters around Gibraltar and has urged the Gibraltar Government to implement the necessary legislation as soon as possible so that the divers can do it “with guarantees and without problems.”


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