Thursday, April 07, 2005

Gibraltar Air Monitoring Stations to be formally launched next week

Gbraltar’s two air monitoring stations that are already up and running will be formally launched later this week, Minister for the Environment Fabian Vinet confirmed yesterday.

The readings on air quality recorded on a daily basis will be publicised through a specially designed web site that has been set up specifically for this purpose by the Environmental Agency.

The stations located at Bleak House and at La Bateria by the Gib Elec compound have been collecting data for some weeks.

The installation of air monitoring stations in Gibraltar, is the result of the transposition of an EU directive into local legislation requiring a continuous monitoring of air quality and cleanliness in cities.

The move has been welcomed by the Environmental Safety Group that has been pressing for this equipment to be set up locally for some time.

The web site will provide a general service to the public regarding the levels of air toxicity and be appreciated especially by asthma and bronquitis sufferers.

An Environmental Safety Group(ESG) spokesman said:

“By making this information public, people will be made aware of air quality in Gibraltar and take measures if the levels of toxicity are too high. It will also be possible to put pressure on Government to do something about it if these levels are too high.”

Responding to Chronicle questions Minister for the Environment Fabian Vinet said:

“I can confirm that the formal monitoring by the two air quality monitoring stations will commence next week, coinciding with the launch of a dedicated website for the public dissemination of information. Let me say that the actual monitoring process has already commenced and readings have been collected for a number of weeks now. I thought however that it would be helpful for anyone who accesses the website to be presented with substantial information covering a reasonable time period, where a pattern can already be seen, particularly by laypersons. That is why we have waited a number of weeks before the official launch which, as I say, will be happening next week when much more substantial information as to what the monitoring process entails will be released.”


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