Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Garcia probes development projects

Shadow Minister for Trade, Industry and Tourism Dr Joseph Garcia has tabled over 130 questions for the Government to answer for the meeting of the House of Assembly this week.

Dr Garcia has tabled a number of questions on development projects. He has asked the Government to list the criteria that was used to reach a valuation of £10 million for a school, park, car park and leisure centre in exchange for the land in relation to the mid-town project.

He also wants to know what steps the Government took to establish whether any other developer would have offered them a better deal for the mid-town project before it was directly allocated.

Dr Garcia will also ask whether planning permission has now been granted in respect of the mid-town project and the funicular development.

He will ask Government why the number of planned hotels for the Eastside Project was reduced from two to one.

The Opposition spokesman will also ask Government on what date the new development plan was first submitted to an Environmental Impact Assessment and on what date the assessment was complete.

In his capacity as Shadow Minister for Trade, Dr Garcia will ask Government whether they have any plans to sell its various interests in the New Harbours industrial park.

He also wants Government to say how and on what date the Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce and the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses (GFSB) were consulted in its review of bonded stores facilities.

Dr Garcia will also ask what the procedure in place is for Main Street businesses who wish to make duty free sales to clients coming into Gibraltar overland and leaving across the border.

Dr Garcia will also raise a number of issues in relation to the problems being experienced by local anglers and divers from non-resident persons and businesses. He will ask Government whether they have any plans to regulate diving in Gibraltar waters by both businesses and individuals.

Following increased security measures at the Port, Dr Garcia will ask Government to say what documents are required to be produced by non-resident anglers and by Gibraltarian anglers who want to fish from the North Mole.

The Opposition spokesman will also ask Government to list the EU directives which required transposition into Gibraltar law before 31 December 2004 and which were not so transposed before that date.

Dr Garcia has also tabled questions on EU funding and will also ask Government to say whether they have now considered the legal advice they received on the feasibility of mounting a legal challenge to the exclusion of Gibraltar from the EU Single European Sky.


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