Friday, April 29, 2005

Firemen turn back on Caruana

• Talks mooted as Government writes to firemen

Joe Bossano, Opposition leader exchanged greetings with firemen on the way to yesterday’s House of Assembly meeting.

Shortly afterwards Chief Minister Peter Caruana arrived and took a leaflet that firemen had been distributing. They then turned their back on him as part of their protest. After two hours they left at around 11am with a blowing of whistles and banging of drums.

Inside the House Mr Caruana declined to stop proceedings saying that he was not in favour of adjourning since he could not do this every time people try to influence him. The firemen had soon moved on marching noisily down Main Street.

Meanwhile after receiving a letter from the Chief Secretary Ernest Montado saying Government was willing to meet the union, ACTS said it is willing to meet. But they awaited clarification on the Government’s deadline.

One fireman told the Chronicle that if Government had taken this approach, instead of issuing an ultimatum, there would have been more progress.


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