Thursday, April 07, 2005

ESG Welcomes Greenpeace presence in local waters

Single hull tankers row

Environmental Safety Group has said it welcomes the arrival of the Greenpeace International vessel Arctic Sunrise currently patrolling the Bay of Gibraltar to inspect whether Single Hull vessels are calling in at Gibraltar or Algeciras.

An Environmental Safety Group (ESG) spokesman said:

“While Greenpeace has already stated that Gibraltar lacks the resources to inspect all vessels that may be offending, the Gibraltar authorities claim that we have never been better resourced to carry out Port Estate control.”

“We sincerely hope, for the sake of our common environment that the Gibraltar authorities are right, and Greenpeace is wrong, and that we have the necessary human resources to police our waters thoroughly and effectively to completely eradicate the potential damages that Single Hull vessels pose.”

“We are confident that the Arctic Sunrise will be allowed to sail into our Port.
Indeed we do not see why this should not happen and that DTI Minister will have no objection in meeting with the Greenpeace activists.”


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