Monday, April 11, 2005

Britain's commitment to Gibraltar remains unchanged

Britain’s commitment to Gibraltar is not going to change but the Ministry of Defence will need the help of the local Government and workforce, CBF Commodore Allan Adair declared yesterday.

In answer to questions whether the MoD would consider a gradual or total pull-out of Gibraltar in a situation of generalised industrial unrest that affected operational requirements of the military base, Commodore Adair replied that they would “have to tackle that when it came if it ever comes.”

To illustrate Britain’s commitment to the Rock, he pointed to the investment of £60m in the new integrated medical services at Devil’s Tower Camp that will take the place of RNH (Royal Naval Hospital) and other MoD health facilities around Gibraltar.

“We would not be spending this amount of money and handing over to the Gibraltar Government the RNH and the remainder of the prime site at Waterfront if we were not intending to stay here,” he added.


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