Friday, April 01, 2005

40 Principales success for Gibraltar Band

Taxi's latest release hits Spain's "40 Principales" chartLocal group TAXI – Dylan Ferro, Daniel Fa and Danny Bugeja have this week debuted with their new single Jamas Me Fui at No. 28 in the 40 Principales in Spain.

The single is taken from the album simply called Libre.

Meanwhile the group is sitting at No. 6 in the 40 Principales Mobile List which is voted for by the fans. Reacting to the news of their latest success, lead singer, Dylan Ferro, simply stated, “I feel brilliant!”

The three are really pleased that the media has reacted very positively to the new group Taxi.

“We are receiving the same reaction we received for the launch of our first album under Melon Diesel. People are reacting very well and talking about it and talking about liking our new sound.”

“We feel great,” says Danny Bugeja, “very happy indeed to have taken the challenge and to see that our efforts of the past year are coming through.”

For his part Danny Fa said they were especially pleased with the reaction they had so far received from the public and especially their fans.

“Many have found the album to be very upbeat and very positive. The reaction has been fantastic. Many people are all really pleased to see us return with our music.”

Meanwhile the album Libre could find its way into the Spanish selling chart soon.

Released less than a month ago on March 15 it is currently in the top 10 of many Spanish chain stores in-house chart throughout most of Spain. The biggest chain of all FNAC Madrid has them sitting at No.2, and the Media Market chain at No. 7. The boys are rehearsing non-stop and promoting the album throughout the whole of Spain.

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