Wednesday, March 09, 2005

“Waffling” Caruana upsets Gib Gays

Gib Gay Rights (GGR) group has said it is unacceptable that Government’s housing policies should “discriminate against same-sex couples in this day and age.”

In a statement issued yesterday the GGR refer to a GBC interview on Monday and the Chief Minister’s “evident refusal to comment,” regarding the fact that gay couples are allegedly excluded from plans for couples wishing to buy into Government Housing. Equality Rights group GGR accused Mr Caruana of doing “his waffling utmost to beat about the bush and not answer.” Spokesman Felix Alvarez said:

“We can only speculate as to why Mr Caruana felt so clearly nervous and unable to answer a direct question by Stephen Neish, and can only come to the conclusion that Government realises such discrimination is no longer something the public in Gibraltar find reasonable or can identify with.”

“Five years ago, before GGR started, Government might have been able to plead ignorance on matters of this sort. Today there is no excuse for treating one Gibraltarian differently to another. Especially when they pay the same taxes, social insurance, have the same responsibility to uphold the law and exercise exactly the same vote. We call on all right-thinking citizens to take note of Government policies in this regard and to remember what they have learned when the next election comes. There is no excuse for politicians to treat people in such a clearly unjust way.”


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