Thursday, March 17, 2005

VOGG clarify Estrella encounter

The Voice of Gibraltar Group (VOGG) yesterday said that their brief meeting with Rafael Estrella the Spanish MP turned out to be merely an opportunity for a PR photo-shoot, and that he had no interest whatsoever in hearing what VOGG had to say.

VOGG said yesterday that they told Sr Estrella: ‘we are glad you have come and thank you for it. After all, you are the most prominent Spanish politician to visit The Rock since Moran. However, it is fine you hear and listen to what the ‘llanitos’ have to say, but it is high time you and others like you got to grips with and understood the realities of Gibraltar and its people.”

A spokesman said yesterday that without comment and observing a placard, which read “si Caruana no tiene ‘veto’, este pueblo sí que tiene el veto’, he made a hasty and polite getaway.

Taking up a comment in Europa Sur that the VOGG was inopportune in choosing 11-M for a protest they ask is, by the same criteria, was Sr Estrella ‘wise’ in picking such a day?

“When VOGG was advised of Sr Estrella’s intention in meeting its members, they enquired when and where the minute’s silence would be observed, so they could join in. Whilst promised to be informed, this did not materialise and it was only, upon his departure, that they found out that it had taken place on the balcony above,” said Paul Tunbridge. The VOGG said it reminds Sr Estrella that Gibraltar “is a mature society and his ‘talante’ will not convince the majority of Gibraltarians to go down his ‘path’. A Spanish Gibraltar ‘a las buenas’ is no different to one ‘a las malas’. His underlying aspirations are an affront to most here, irrespective how ‘sweetened’ his message.”


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