Friday, March 18, 2005

Union satisfaction with AquaGib pay agreement

TGWU has said that an agreement has been arrived at in principle with the management of local water company AquaGib, to solve the dispute and lay the basis for negotiations on a pay structure for the future.

Speaking to the Chronicle yesterday, Branch Officer Charles Sisarello said that the company had now accepted to make a downpayment on the retrospection sought by the workers, and had also agreed to discuss a new pay structure with the Union.

The related claim regarding a salary scale for Distiller Plant Assistants at one point below the Craft grade has also been agreed. “We are willing to sit down with the company as soon as posible to start the negotiations process,” he declared.

Details of the proposed agreement have been passed on to Chief Minister Peter Caruana who is mediating in the conflict between the workers and management.


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