Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Tory MEP calls for “real action" on refinery emmissions

South West Conservative MEP Neil Parish has declared that real action is needed from the European Commission “to pressurize the Spanish Government to rectify the pollution” emanating from the refinery at Algeciras.

Mr Parish said he was still waiting for answers from the Commission regarding emissions which, he said, “must be brought under control because they are way above the levels allowed under European law.”

Speaking during his recent visit to Gibraltar Mr Parrish also referred to the MoD dispute on contractorisation and the absence of a consultation period. Mr Parish said:

"Gibraltar is unique as the Spanish are able to close the border on to the Rock. The need to service nuclear submarines and warships could be severely jeopardized if the whole workforce had to come from Spain. The UK Government should think again before embarking on this particularly dangerous transfer.”

Meanwhile a spokesman for the local Conservative branch said:

“Neil Parish MEP met Michael Tampin (Prospect) during his visit to the Rock on Wednesday 23rd March, to discuss the MoD decision to transfer the direct labour force in the dockyard to private contractors. Mr Tampin explained that one of the major stumbling blocks was that the MoD had not carried out the statutory requirement to consult with the workforce for 90 days before any decision was taken.”

“The Prospect Union and the TGWU are working together to challenge the decision of the UK Labour Government. The lack of the 90-day consultation period may well be challenged in the European Court of Justice. Neil Parish has agreed to arrange for both the T&G workers and the Prospect Unions to meet Conservative politicians when they come over to the mainland on April 14th.”

“Recently Gordon Brown, the present UK Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that UK citizens travelling back to UK should be able to take up to £1,000 worth of luxury goods with them. Mr Parish wants British citizens returning from Gibraltar to be able to take up to £1,000 of goods with them. It is also time that the £145.00 limit on luxury goods for people crossing from Gibraltar into Spain was raised. This would be very beneficial to the economy of The Rock.”

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