Friday, March 04, 2005

Remember 1972 - Gibraltar Unions warn UK Government

“We will win this battle no matter what it requires!”

That was the fighting talk from Gibraltar’s trade unions yesterday in the continuing dispute with the MoD over its contractorisation policy. A spokesman for the Union coordinating committee encompassing TGWU/ACTS Prospect and the Gibraltar Trades Council, expressed their total commitment to force the UK Government to do a U-turn on MoD cuts. “We are totally committed and will do our utmost in what will not be an easy battle,” they said yesterday. The spokesman continued:

We ask all members of the MoD workforce to have complete confidence in our leadership. Our fight is on four fronts, industrial action locally, action in UK by our parent Unions, legal action in UK and Europe, and finally, political action here in Gibraltar from all of our political parties and in UK, with our General Secretaries and the All Party Gibraltar Group putting pressure on Armed Forces Minister, Adam Ingram, Defence Minister, Secretary of State for Defence Geoff Hoon, and the Government in the House of Commons.

We will involve other sectors of the community in pursuance of our rights as Gibraltarians. The decision taken by the UK Government will be met with determination and pressure for the U-turn the British public have become accustomed to by the present Government. Our message is clear: We will not accept the ‘Done Deal’ here in Gibraltar. Now is the time for not only Gibraltarians but also the UK Government to remember our history. ‘Remember 1972’.


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