Thursday, March 17, 2005

Reform Party links utility rises to serious future shortages

TheReform Party has said not enough is being done in Gibraltar to prepare for the “drastic fuel shortages” that lie ahead. Linking their comments to the Chief Minister’s remarks on GBC (Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation), the Reformists say they are glad to see that the Government is at least aware of the problem. “ Mr Caruana reminded us all that world oil prices have risen massively in the last few years” said an RP spokeswoman” and that in his view this partly justifies the recently announced utility price rises.

“But what about the much wider picture? World oil prices will continue to rise as cheaply extractable oil runs out and only the harder-to-extract (and therefore much more expensive) stuff is left. We must remember that oil isn’t just about transport or electricity or water purifying. It’s also about food. Pesticides and fertilisers in large-scale agriculture are mostly derived from petroleum products so they (and the food and its transport costs) will also skyrocket in price.”

Another aspect is electricity generation. It’s plain crazy to increase diesel generating plant (and consume more fuel) when the existing installations run at such low efficiency levels. What about trigeneration schemes? Even in our small Gibraltar steps can be taken to help cushion the coming changes. "We need to get moving," said the reformists.

Green Party Support

The Green Party of England and Wales has declared, unequivocally, its support for the self-determination of the people of Gibraltar, and their right to decide and settle their own style of democratic government within the framework of the European Convention of Human Rights. The Green Party has said believes, as a principle, in the right of self-determination; in the right of all people to participate in, and where practicable to discharge, the decisions that affect them in their own lives.

The Green Party guarantees to uphold the political and democratic rights of the people of Gibraltar, and to uphold Article One of United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.


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