Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Reform Party defends "thriving Public Sector"

Reform Party of Gibraltar has expressed support for the Government’s intention “to make life difficult for private companies wanting to undertake work formerly carried out by redundant MoD workers."

“This is the sort of action in defence of public sector workers that is sorely needed. Gibraltar must have a thriving and secure public sector to counterbalance the growing culture of insecure jobs, low-wages and poor conditions which exists in so many parts of the private sector in Gibraltar. All this is just as relevant locally in other areas as it is in the MoD sphere. We hope that the GSD and indeed all other parties in Gibraltar do see the link from one to the other”

Lyana welcomes Union ‘peace’

Lyana Armstrong-Emery has welcomed the announcement that “peace has at last been restored” between the Union as a whole and the Nursing Section;

The previous situation was a grave one with serious potential for harm. Trade Unionists in Gibraltar must now be relieved at the better climate now existing between the two.


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