Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Randall briefs SW Labour on Gibraltar - MoD cuts

GSLP (Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party) elected member Lucio Randall is back in Gibraltar after attending the Labour Party South West Region conference.

Mr Randall took the opportunity to brief his UK colleagues on the proposed MoD cuts on the Rock. A GSLP statement said:

Lucio Randall returned to Gibraltar on Sunday night after representing the GSLP at a Conference organised by the South West Region of the UK Labour Party. Mr Randall joined Glyn Ford MEP, the Gibraltar Labour Party MEP, on the platform that addressed the attendees and also joined Glyn in chairing a Workshop on European Forum.

The attendance by a representative of the GSLP at this Conference is part of the ongoing agreement between the UK Labour Party and the GSLP to promote closer links and the participation in the activities of the UK Party in the South West Region, of which Gibraltar forms part as a result of its participation in the European Elections. The agreed policy is to jointly explore what structural links can be forged between the South West Regional Assembly and the GSLP at both Labour Party and official SWRA levels.

Mr Randall commented that attending the event had been a very worthwhile experience since it had not only afforded him the opportunity to address the attendees, which included members of the National Executive of the Labour Party, but also to brief Trade Union Officials from within the Region, that attended as delegates, on the MoD plan for contracting out services and the effect that it would have on the staff employed by MoD.


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