Tuesday, March 08, 2005

PSOE Government accuses Gibraltar of “illegal activities”

Minister for Justice hits out at the Rock

Spain’s Minister for Justice Juan Fernando López Aguilar (PSOE) has declared that Gibraltar must stop being “an emporium of illegal activities” and called for close cooperation with Britain within the EU to combat this situation.

Speaking on Spanish radio Sr Aguilar – one of the key figures of the Zapatero cabinet – was commenting on remarks by a judge in Malaga who in the context of measures to clamp down on criminal organisations in Spain declared that it was important to dismantle “money laundering activities in Gibraltar.”

Sr Aguilar said that in areas like southern Andalusia and the Canary Islands organised crime had flourished spectacularly and in order to eradicate this, it required an international coordinated response from law enforcement agencies across the EU.

“The judicial system needs to specialise to combat this sophisticated brand of crime that starts with money laundering, puts pressure on institutions, and is involved with all forms of trafficking,” said Sr Aguilar.


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